What would it mean for you and your family to get a fresh start free from your debts? If you have been juggling credit card payments, mortgage payments and other bills for more than a few months, the truth is, you are probably not going to work your way out from under your debt. Your creditors hold all the cards — except one: The U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code was established at the beginning of our history to give well-meaning, hardworking people a chance to start over free from debt. It is federal law and not wrong to want to do right for your family’s financial future.

I am attorney Edward D. Magauran. Over the past 20 years, I have successfully helped thousands of individuals, families and small-business owners on Oahu and throughout the Hawaiian Islands start over through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Before you hang up the phone on one more bill collector. Before you let one more collections notice go unanswered. Before you lose another night’s sleep because of your debt, you need to call me — no strings attached.

I offer a free consultation to review your financial situation and explain what options are best for you. Are you facing foreclosure on your home? Bankruptcy allows most people to keep their house and pay back the amount behind over three to five years with the certainty that the foreclosure cannot go forward. Are you being threatened with lawsuits or wage garnishment? Bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to any collections lawsuits pending against you, including foreclosures.


Why wait another day? You need permanent debt relief and I can help. I have helped thousands of people just like you on Oahu and the rest of the state of Hawaii, and I am confident I can help you.

  • Chapter 7 : Eliminate your credit card debt, medical bills and even income-related tax debts. In most cases, you can keep your house and car. I also help small-business owners get out from under their debt.
  • Chapter 13 : Restructure your debt into an affordable repayment plan over three to five years. You can include all of your debt, including credit cards, personal loans, tax debts, student loans, child support, car loans, mortgages and maintenance fees.
  • Relief from creditors : The day you file, your creditors are required by law to stop all legal actions against you. If they call, you can tell them to call your lawyer. If they don’t, we will sue them. The Bankruptcy Code is that powerful. Imagine that! Never get another collection call or letter again.

Watch my videos and read my articles to learn more about ways bankruptcy can help.

Watch my videos and read my articles to learn more about ways bankruptcy can help.

My services are affordable and efficient. I can generally get you through the bankruptcy process and free of debt in about four to six months. Most people only have to attend one hearing, and I am by your side through it all. Call my office on Bishop Street in Honolulu at 808-585-1000 or use the convenient email form to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced Honolulu bankruptcy lawyer.